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Department Committees
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Department Committees
Department committees are groups of faculty, staff and students that decide about current issues effecting us. Members of the committees are are needed every semester. Follow the link to learn more about department committees.
Admissions and Fellowships Time:~varies in Spring, 0 in Fall
Duty: Help w/Candidates' Day, visits of potential students, help select incoming class
Rep: 2002-2003: Ruigang Yang, 1 more senior student
Building and Grounds Time: max 3-5 hours/month
Duty: see above link for details.
Rep: 2002-2003: Bill Baxter, Swaha Das, 1 more student
Colloquium Time: ~5hrs/year
Duty: Remind people of upcoming talks and distribute posters to department mailboxes, Duke, & NC State
Rep: 2002-2003: Ajith Mascarenhas, 1 morestudent
Curriculum and Planning Time: ~1hr/week
Duty: see above link for details
Rep: 2002-2003: Vivek Sawant, Shelby Funk, Jingyu Yan, 1 undergrad
Department Facilities Time:~ 1hr/month
Duty: see above link for details
Rep: 2002-2003: Chris Weigle, Luke Huan, Qiong Han
Department Publications Time:~ 2hrs/month
Duty: see above link for details
Rep: 2002-2003: 1 student
Faculty Search Time:~??
Duty:  Help review folders of faculty candidates, organize student meetings with each candidate (can delegate this)
Require: Should be a senior student, preferably in the (or one of the) area(s) that folks are being recruited for. 
Rep: 2002-2003: Jay Aikat
Graduate Studies Time:~2hrs/month
Duty: One hour meeting once a month, post pertinent emails from the Graduate/Professional Student Federation (GPSF) to the student newsgroup
Rep: 2002-2003: 1 student
Teaching Tune-up Time:~?
Duty: Review professors for promotions.
Rep: 2002-2003: 1 student
IBR Time:~?
Duty:Review proposals that involve human studies.
Rep: 2002-2003: Dennis Jen

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