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  1. ChaseJ Says:

    I never thought of stuttering the way I thought about it today! WOW! Who knew that stuttering was actually the answer… not the problem? I truly am amazed that the SpeechEasy device can make such a big difference. Great Job ECU team! Also, the thought of stuttering as a disability has me thinking too….

  2. BrennaC Says:

    I agree with Chase. I never thought of stuttering as the answer. I also never knew that if a person who stuttered spoke in unison that their problem would be alleviated. This is very interesting and I have thought a lot about how biologically stuttering occurs or could occur. The device is incredible. After watching the video clips I began to realize the emotional and social impact of having a disability and how have a “simple” device like SpeechEasy could change lives of thousands. The ECU professors have done remarkable research and have really got me thinking. I really enjoyed the topics presented in our discussion on Tuesday as well.

  3. SaraW Says:

    I was amazed at how the three speakers from ECU did not consider their stuttering a disability. Stuttering has created many hardships for them, and yet they did not seem bitter or resentful, as they viewed their ‘difference’ as just that. They displayed great character, and had such an optimistic life view, considering themselves fortunate not to be disabled otherwise.

  4. LizzyR Says:

    I was in awe as well at the speakers. I never realized that people had stuttering problems to that severity, and at the same time that there was a device that could help this! I agree with Sara, I think its amazing that the speakers did not find it a disability, but just called it a difference they’ve learned to overcome. I was so impressed with the ECU professor’s work. I thought it was so interesting that he was a stutter himself. I really enjoyed the speech!

  5. BrennaK Says:

    I also think that the representatives from ECU did a great job in presenting SpeachEasy. I noticed that they were very humble in describing the success of the device. The concept iand technology is so incredible and I learned a lot from the class.

  6. AlishaH Says:

    Thi product is amazing. I cant believe I never knew about it before. This product gives me hope that there are ways that technology can overcome so so many things. Maybe one day blind children will be able to see, and deaf children will be able to hear very well. I was especially blown away by the direct effect of this device. Right when you put it in, you can see a shocking difference! I wonder what this device could do if it was used for other speaking dissabilities! Also, If a child with a coclear impant who cannot talk very well, was given the speecheasy device to put in the other ear, then just maybe, it could improve their speech. There are just so many possibilities with this device, I think its wonderful!

  7. BethanyJ Says:

    It really touched me how much of a difference it made in the life of the boy in the video clip we saw. I keep thinking about my definition of a disability and what exactly I think it means to be disabled. I think possibly one of the reasons the gentlemen that came to our class didn’t consider stuttering to be a disability is possibly because there is something that helps alleviate what hinders their abilities. As long as there is something out there that helps bridge the gap between being able and and being unable, I think many would not view it as a disability. They are obstacles to be overcome just like character flaws and personality differences. As long as somebody has overcome it before, the hope of you, yourself overcoming, is much greater. Seeing people live out victories in their lives over seemingly impossible things really, truly is encouragement for others to do the same. I personally, have never considered stuttering a disability, but then again, neither have I ever seen someone as unable to speak as the boy in that video. …I think the gentlemen today had the right attitude about stuttering in reference to themselves. It is something different, it’s something to overcome, it’s is something that can be compensated for. One can work around it. I think those that are labeled with “disabilities” truly are in a constant process of learning how to persevere and have the winning attitude that makes a successful person. Disability or not, attitudes of a person truly determine how far one will go.

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