Deafness, Disability and Difference

I want you to respond to the lectures, videos and our discussion by writing about some aspect of Deafness, disability and difference that is important to you. Your paper should be 8 to 12 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) and should try to look at the issues we have discussed from both sides. You can find quotes and clips from the video as well as questions you might want to address at the Through Deaf Eyes web site .

I’m not asking for a summary of the video, nor am I asking you to simply answer the questions; I want you to deal with the issues in whatever way works best for you. Relating them to your experiences or differences, or those of a family member might work well for some of you. Others might be more comfortable addressing the ethical or philosophical issues. I’ll be pleased to talk with any of you outside of class to help you get started.

This assignment will be due in 2 stages. A draft must be emailed to me before noon on Friday 9 November . I’ll get feedback to you by Tuesday 13 November. Then your final draft must be emailed to me before noon on Tuesday 20 November . Your final draft will be graded. It must be free of spelling and grammatical errors and should address the issues in a thoughtful and sensitive way.

You may find the resources of the Writing Center very helpful. I encourage you to visit their web site and to seek their help.

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