Majors Expo Wed Oct 6

October 5th, 2010

Majors Expo 2010 is an informational fair designed to help students consider their major at Carolina. For the seventh year, all undergraduates will have the opportunity to meet and interact with department representatives – professors, staff and students – to explore majors, minors, programs and services that Carolina offers.

The expo is sponsored by the GAA’s Student Membership Program. All UNC students are welcome and encouraged to attend – not just GAA student members. That’s why we thought of you: Please remind your students about this event, particularly those with whom you might have talked about their academic plans and questions about their future.

The Majors Expo 2010 will be:

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 6
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: Great Hall, Student Union.

More information is available at , including a list of participating departments and offices. Light refreshments will be served.

Including Samuel

September 23rd, 2010

Respond to the video Including Samuel by posting a comment on this page. Come prepared to discuss it next time.

I enjoyed this quote

You can find some interesting supporting information here:

Service-Learning Internships

September 21st, 2010

APPLES internships are unique, intense experiences in service for either the spring semester or summer break. Students intern at a variety of nonprofit and governmental agencies, receive funding ($1,250 for spring and $2,500 for summer) and three hours of academic course credit. APPLES interns are considered staff in their organizations and have a great deal of responsibility as well as professional growth opportunities. Interns also receive individualized academic instruction from a faculty member and “hands on” experience that will help them grow as community leaders.

The internship application is available online at , and the deadline is October 14th. Interest meetings will be held on September 29th and October 7th at 6 pm in Dey 307.

Ideas for Accessible Games

September 21st, 2010

The purpose of this assignment is get you thinking of ideas for accessible games.

Think of computer games you enjoy(ed). Pick one and describe it in sufficiently detail so that a person who hasn’t played can understand the game play and strategy. Include pictures or diagrams to help explain. What skills does a player need to succeed?

Then, think about variations on the game that would make it accessible to people with disabilities. Consider visual, motor, and/or cognitive impairments. Again, describe your variation in sufficient detail that a non-player can appreciate the new game play scenario.

Prepare your report as a PDF file and email it to me by 3 October.

Discuss Freedom Machines

September 15th, 2010

Yesterday we watched the video POV: Freedom Machines, a film by Jamie Stobie and Janet Cole. Post your reactions, questions, and discussion as comments on this page. Come to class on Thursday prepared to discuss it. I’ve included pictures of the people in the video to help you remember them.
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Tar Heel Reader

September 7th, 2010

This assignment will get you started with Tar Heel Reader . It has several parts.

Part 1: Due Thursday 9 September
Study the Beginning Literacy Framework .

Identify three reviewed books from Tar Heel Reader that you feel belong in the Transitional category, and three that belong in the Conventional category. That is six (6) books total. For each book, justify why you think it belongs in the category. Feel free to use the hidden index of titles at (That last number is the page number; you can edit it manually to be any number to probe into the space without having to hit next page. They go up to 118 at this writing). Use the last 2 digits of your PID or something to pick a place to start looking.

Come to class on Thursday prepared to share your choices and justification. Also, email your list of books including the URL, classification, and your justification for each to me before class on Thursday.

Part 2: Due Tuesday 14 September.
Sign-up to write books on Tar Heel Reader. I’ll give you the secret registration code in class.

Write at least one Transitional and one Conventional book on a subject that interests you. Imagine you were just learning to read, what would interest/motivate you?

Post your book titles and URLs as comments to this post.

Part 3: Optional
Volunteer to review books. Email me if you’re interested. I’ll need your id on Tar Heel Reader to upgrade you to editor status. Then we’ll work out an assignment system based on how many volunteer.

Service Hours
Keep a log of the time you spend on parts 2 and 3 of this assignment to count toward your 30 hour service commitment.

People-first language

August 24th, 2010

Read about people-first language and come to class on Thursday prepared to discuss it.

The Language Used to Describe Individuals With Disabilities

People-first language

After carefully reading the above two links, read this one, The Face of the Other . Think about the idea of being in the “marked” or “unmarked” category and what that might have to do with the above. (I’m guessing everyone knows at least a bit about manga, if not you can read about it here and at many other links you’ll find with by searching).

Welcome Class of 2014!

April 9th, 2010

Welcome to our website for Comp 080 Enabling Technology First Year Seminar. Monitor this site for announcements, assignments, and course information.

You can read about our class on the About page.