Musical Game Idea

| tags: blind, enabling technology, ideas

It's spring break and 50 days until Maze Day ! I'm thinking of a new musical game but I need help with the music . My hidden agenda is getting samples of the sounds children make when they are imitating music instruments. I'll use the samples as a training set for a system to allow spoken input of music but I need a fun activity to motivate kids to give me the samples.


Remotely refreshing multiple browsers during web testing

| tags: web, programming

I'm working on the rewrite of Tar Heel Reader and testing it on desktop, iPad, iPod Touch, and IE6-8. I hate manual steps in my edit/test loop. The i* devices are particularly bothersome because I push my changes, pick up the device, hit the home button to wake it up, slide-to-unlock, and then hit the tiny refresh button. There had to be a better way.


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