Komodo Edit Run Command

| tags: python, programming

A sudden change in my teaching assignment to teaching Comp116 Introduction to Scientific Programming in 2 days resulted in a frantic search for Python programming tools that work the same across Windows, OS X, and Linux. The Enthought Python Distribution looks like a really good turn-key solution to having Python + Numpy + Matplotlib easily working on all three but we also need an editor.

When I taught this class last I let them choose whatever editor they wanted. That was a mistake. It is much easier (for me and them) if everyone is using the same editor. So we need an easy to install and use editor that works the same for everyone.

I'm really impressed with Wing101; it has just the features I want but in needs X11 on OS X and that requires finding your install DVD. I bet half the Mac users won't be able find it. If there are no Macs in the class, I'll probably use it.

Komodo Edit is a bit too complicated, but after turning off some optional panels it has what I want except for an easy to use Run button.

I found a post explaining how to add a Save and Run macro to Komodo-Edit. It works fine but I wanted it to kill the child python instance on restart rather than popping up an error dialog. A bit more searching turned up the secret to killing the process. Here is some Komodo Edit macro code that kills the running command before starting a new one.