JSONSelect: Reach into JSON

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This could be super useful for games driven by our json database.


json:select offers a new query API that is to JSON as querySelector and friends are to CSS. The goals are:

  • intuitive – JSONSelect is meant to feel like CSS, meaning a developers with an understanding of CSS can probably guess most of the syntax.
  • expressive – As JSONSelect evolves, it will include more of the most popular constructs from the CSS spec and popular implementations (like sizzle). A successful result will be a good balance of simplicity and power.
  • language independence – The project will avoid features which are unnecessarily tied to a particular implementation language.
  • incremental adoption – JSONSelect features are broken in to conformance levels, to make it easier to build basic support and to allow incremental stabilization of the language.
  • efficient – As many constructs of the language as possible will be able to be evaluated in a single document traversal. This allows for efficient stream filtering.