Configuring UNC VPN on Ubuntu

| tags: ubuntu

Our campus help page on installing the VPN on Linux describes a fantastically complicated multistep process that begins with downloading some Cisco tar ball. I've found a much simpler way on Ubuntu using software from the standard repositories.

  1. First install network-manager-vpnc using Synaptic or sudo apt-get install network-manager-vpnc.
  2. Then right click on your network icon in the tray and choose VPN ConnectionsConfigure VPN....
  3. A Network Connections dialog pops up; click Add.
  4. A Choose a Connection Type dialog pops up, with a pull down menu; choose Cisco Compatible VPN and click Create...

Give it a name such as UNC. Then fill in the fields like this:

        User name: your onyen
        User password: your onyen password
        Group name: secret from unc help page
        Group password: secret from unc help page
The italicized values above are super secret values that only you and the Help page know. Leave all the other values at their defaults. Click Save....

Now you should be able to activate the VPN whenever you need it by right clicking on the network icon and choosing VPN Connections → UNC.