Web Dev Fridays

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I'll be hosting a series of meetings on Friday afternoons to discuss modern web development. My primary goal is helping the students who are working for me to get started with web development but I'm happy for others to come along for the ride.

We will meet in Sitterson 011 from 3:30 to 5pm.

I have created a page on Piazza for questions and annoucements. Sign yourself up.

This is going to be a very biased view of web development; namely mine. But I'm currently happy with the approach I am using and think others may be also. We will be using:

Ideally before the first meeting you will have completed the following.

  1. Install a programmers text editor with TypeScript support. I recommend Visual Studio Code because Kris uses it. I'm an old fossil so I use vim+tmux which is pretty awesome but takes a ton of configuration.
  2. Install nodejs.
  3. Install create-react-app.
  4. Install the Google Chrome browser.
  5. Read this Javascript intro.
  6. Read this TypeScript intro.
  7. Read the React tutorial.
  8. Read the MobX tutorial.