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Musical Game Idea

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It's spring break and 50 days until Maze Day ! I'm thinking of a new musical game but I need help with the music . My hidden agenda is getting samples of the sounds children make when they are imitating music instruments. I'll use the samples as a training set for a system to allow spoken input of music but I need a fun activity to motivate kids to give me the samples.


Visually impaired man plays Zelda. [VIDEO]

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A few minutes in you see him using Navi to help him target items. I really like this idea for an accessible game. You've got a little audio "fairy" to help you know which way to go or where to strike. Also, he must have an amazing mental map of the game world. Perhaps we could sell teachers on games as helping kids build mental maps.


Spatial sound game ideas

| tags: blind, sound, enabling technology, ideas

I've been talking with Diane and Anish about ideas for simple sound games that will help children who are blind learn to navigate. I'm writing these notes to help us get on the same page in our understanding about what would be helpful and what might be possible. Of course, much more could be done with the amazing technology Anish has in hand but I'm thinking very simply here to hopefully enable implementation in the web browser so anyone can play online.


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