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Spatial sound game ideas

| tags: blind, sound, enabling technology, ideas

I've been talking with Diane and Anish about ideas for simple sound games that will help children who are blind learn to navigate. I'm writing these notes to help us get on the same page in our understanding about what would be helpful and what might be possible. Of course, much more could be done with the amazing technology Anish has in hand but I'm thinking very simply here to hopefully enable implementation in the web browser so anyone can play online.


Braille Game Ideas

| tags: blind, enabling technology, ideas

I think I see how to make the DDR pad work with this new generation of browser-based games so I'm thinking about a successor to Braille Twister. I don't know if we'll have it ready for Maze Day but we'll see. I'd like your feedback on the concept.


Maze Day 2011

| tags: blind

This year Maze Day will be 28 April 2011 from 9 till 2 in Sitterson Hall on the UNC Chapel Hill Campus.


Spatial sounds for javascript

| tags: python, sound, javascript, blind

Statial ("3D") sound greatly enhances games for children who are visually impaired but the audio node in HTML5 doesn't even support panning left and right much less the time delay and filtering of true spatial audio. This post describes a python script I hacked to transform sound files so that they appear to originate from points surrounding the listener.


Maze Day 2010

| tags: blind, enabling technology

Maze Day is for visually impaired and blind students in grades K-12, their parents and teachers. Your students will enjoy fun and educational computer applications developed especially for them. UNC students will learn how well their accessible applications work with real users. And everyone will have a good time!

We plan to have a wide variety of accessible fun, educational, and exercise activities including: (preliminary)


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