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Hark the Sound Issues

| tags: blind, enabling technology

  • Bigger Fonts, do they adjust with system settings?
  • Keep stats on child’s performance
  • Document quit with Alt-F4
  • Limit Choices (what was this?)
  • Speech example when choosing voices
  • Installer for DirectX for Sonic Zoom
  • Add a choose correct spelling game
  • Division game
  • Why does it pause for 3 arrow presses on Diane’s machine? (bogus game files)
  • Why does cancel produce a blank entry? (bad return from Edit)
  • How did we get bad games at the top level?
  • Why does it die on invalid games?
  • Without MSMary installed it dies. It should fall back to whatever voice you have…


Text Skimming

| tags: blind, ideas, enabling technology

Skimming in text for people who are blind or reading help for people with learning disabilities. Automatic summarization or maybe Cliff Notes merged with a book so that you can read at the summary level or down at the detailed level. How can students who are blind skim for answers to questions? Can this help people with learning disabilities? Sort of Tell what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them .


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