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LiveCDs for delivery of ET applications?

| tags: enabling technology, programming, ideas, ubuntu

Our games and tools for kids with disabilities should run on whatever computer they have at the school (typically an old PC running some version of Windows or a Mac). One alternative to cross-platform testing might be a LiveCD that boots some OS (say Linux) and runs our software. Then our development environment is fixed and we're relying on the OS to cover over hardware differences. Pete and I spent a bit of time this last weekend trying our various LiveCDs to see how little memory they could be made to use.


CoScripter and Accessibility

| tags: ideas, links, enabling technology

Pete pointed me to CoScripter , a tool from IBM intended to automate web processes. He and I have been talking for a while about "grass roots" accessibility in which end-users are enabled to easily make and share accessibility improvements for web sites. CoScripter looks like a step in that direction.


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