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Composing with loops

| tags: ideas, links, enabling technology

I think making music with loops could make an exciting activity for kids with a variety of disabilities. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about it. I'm collecting links to useful looking pages so I can think about ways to enable kids to play with music.


Generalized Move to Music Game

| tags: blind, motor impaired, ideas, enabling technology

Here's an idea for a simple game to encourage movement to music. I'm drawing from our Comp 80 class ideas for Generalized DDR .

In this game the player moves to music. Their score depends on how well their movement is synchronized with the music and on how many different moves they made. A more advanced version allows them to play along with the music though various delays will have to be overcome to enable their sounds to be sync'ed with the music. The system keeps track of their score and rewards improvement. Perhaps new tunes get unlocked like in DDR.


Clickers for tactile feedback in the video switch

| tags: ideas, enabling technology

I was talking with Steve Lee about the lack of tactile feedback in our simple video switch. We could play an audio click or even vibrate something like one of the haptic mice that were popular a few years ago. For many users making the switch target tactually interesting will be important.


An inexpensive tactile Braille display and keyboard with reciprocity

| tags: blind, enabling technology, ideas, literacy

I describe an idea for a simple and inexpensive tactile display and keyboard for Braille. The key simplification enabling this design is displaying Braille on six finger tips instead of as six tiny dots under one finger tip. The display is arranged in the same format as standard Braille embossers so users read and write in a reciprocal fashion. The display and keyboard might be useful for teaching Braille to blind children, as a communication system for deaf-blind people, and as a reading aid for blinded adults whose fingers are not sufficiently sensitive to read traditional Braille.


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