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Spatial sounds for javascript

| tags: python, sound, javascript, blind

Statial ("3D") sound greatly enhances games for children who are visually impaired but the audio node in HTML5 doesn't even support panning left and right much less the time delay and filtering of true spatial audio. This post describes a python script I hacked to transform sound files so that they appear to originate from points surrounding the listener.


Connecting a Dojo Data Grid to a JsonRestStore

| tags: tornado, python, dojo, javascript, programming

I looked high and low and couldn't find a working example of connecting a dojox.grid.DataGrid to a so I puzzled out parts of it myself. This code probably has errors and omissions but it seems to work for me with dojo 1.4.1.

I would appreciate any corrections or pointers to other examples from those of you who know better. I haven't included any error checking and the references to items by key break down after deletions because of the simple minded implementation of the "database".


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