Two-Dimensional Scaling Techniques For Adaptive, Rate-Based Transmission Control of Live Audio and Video Streams

T. Talley and K. Jeffay
Proc. Second ACM International Conference on Multimedia
San Francisco, CA, ACM Press, October 1994
pp. 247-254.

ABSTRACT: One of the major obstacles facing designers of video conferencing systems is the problem of ameliorating the effects of congestion on interconnected packet-switched networks that do not support real-time communication. We present a framework for transmission control that describes the current network environment as a set of sustainable bit and packet transmission-rate combinations and show that adaptively scaling both the bit and packet-rate of the audio and video streams can reduce the impact of congestion. We empirically demonstrate the validity of adapting both packet and bit-rate using a simple feedback mechanism and simple adaptation heuristics to deliver audio and video streams suitable for low-latency, high-fidelity playout.

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