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Research in Multimedia Systems at UNC

Relatively inexpensive hardware for processing audio and video data is rapidly becoming available for personal computers and workstations. At the same time, greater network bandwidth at lower prices is making its way to the desktop. These developments have stimulated interest in distributed applications that require new capabilities for processing streams of digitized audio and video data. For example, we have developed a workstation-based conferencing system that provides audio and video links between workstations and supports sharing of existing single-user applications between multiple users.

To realize the full potential of these applications, real-time communication and computation services are often required -- services that do not exist in most desktop computing environments. This research seeks to develop systems infrastructure for multimedia applications. The current focus is on network and operating system support for the real-time transmission and processing of audio and video data in a distributed system. For a more detailed description of this work, click here and here.

This research is carried out by the Distributed and Real-Time Systems (DiRT) research group.


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