The Real-Time Producer/Consumer Paradigm: A paradigm for the construction of efficient, predictable real-time systems

K. Jeffay
Proc. 1993 ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing
Indianapolis, IN, ACM Press, February 1993
pp. 796-804.

Abstract: A concurrent programming system for constructing hard-real-time applications is described. The system is based on a novel semantics of inter-process communication called the real- time producer/consumer (RTP/C) paradigm. Process interactions are modeled as producer/consumer systems with a timing constraint on the rate at which the consumer must service the producer. The RTP/C paradigm provides a framework both for expressing processor-time-dependent computations and for reasoning about the real-time behavior of programs. A formal model of processor and resource allocation is used to determine necessary and sufficient conditions for realizing the RTP/C semantics of a program. The design of an interactive graphics system illustrates the use of the system.

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