System Design for Workstation-Based Conferencing With Digital Audio and Video

K. Jeffay and F.D. Smith
in Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Communication Software: Communications for Distributed Applications and Systems,
Chapel Hill, NC, April 1991,
pages 169-180.

Abstract: We are investigating the use of computer technology to support collaboration among scientists and professionals. One component of this research is the construction of a distributed, real-time, digital video conferencing system on a network of high-performance workstations. This paper discusses the motivation for the construction of such a system and outlines the design of operating system and network support mechanisms for real-time communication of digital audio and video streams. We introduce a novel paradigm of inter-process communication called the real-time producer/consumer (RTP/C) paradigm. The RTP/C paradigm provides a framework both for expressing processor-time-dependent computations and for reasoning about the real-time behavior of programs.

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