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Obtaining VRPN

VRPN (The Virtual Reality Peripheral Network) has been placed into the public domain by the copyright owner Russell M. Taylor II at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on 5/4/98. Additional terms and requests follow:

1. Please acknowledge this library in any publication, written, videotaped, or otherwise produced, that results from making programs using it. The acknowledgement should credit:

The NIH National Research Resource in Molecular Graphics and Microscopy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The number of users who do this (and furnish lists of publications) is considered very seriously as part of our service and dissemination missions when our grant comes up for renewal. When you do this, it greatly increases the chances that support for this work will continue.

2. Please furnish a reference to (and preferably a copy of) any publication, including videotape, that you produce and disseminate outside your group using our program. These should be addressed to:

   Russell M. Taylor II
   Department of Computer Science, Sitterson Hall
   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
   Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175

3. Please send us derived classes and drivers for new devices that you create for the library. We will attempt to include them in future releases of the library for you and others to use. This is the fastest way to get a working system for everyone.

4. The program and associated files are provided "as is," with no express or implied warranty. You agree to hold the University of North Carolina and its employees and students, as well as all involved in the development of the system, not liable in the event of damages resulting from the use of this product.

5. You understand that the University cannot provide support for this product. While we may release future, updated versions of the software and fix reported bugs, we may be unable to do so. Such releases and updates are likely to be reported on the project web page at http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/vrpn. You are welcome to contact us with questions and bug reports, which we will address as we have time.

NEW: 3rdTech has begun commercial support of VRPN. This support includes writing new device drivers, onsite installation and support, the addition of new features, and "productizing" the code so that it is more clear and robust. Groups that are interested in support for VRPN should see the VRPN support web page for more information.

You can download various versions of VRPN from  ftp://ftp.cs.unc.edu/pub/packages/GRIP/vrpn.