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List of VRPN Trackers

This list is hopelessly out of date.

Trackers are alway moving and being reconfigured. If you know of some changes, or if you know of some trackers not on this list, please e-mail sharif@cs.unc.edu (or up date this list yourself).

Last updated July 20, 1999
server name location type # of sensors has t2r and u2s xforms on server? notes owner
Tracker0@ioglab GLAB - near the PIT Fastrak 4 no 0 is head, 1 is first phython hand grip public?
Tracker1@ioglab ceiling tracker lab Fastrak wearable ? no will be moving. Only one of these trackers on this machine(ioglab) can be active at once.  walkthrough?
Tracker0@trackerpc-cs ceiling tracker lab Hiball on headmount 1 yes- but they don't seem to be right Run VRPN server from start menu. Use Hiball 1 tracker group
head@ionanowb workbench in GLAB (will be moving) dynasight optical tracker 1 yes nano
Tracker0@iohmd PIT Fastrak? 2? no for hand and head tracking GRIP?
Phantom@phantom2 workbench in GLAB SensAble Phantom  1 yes mounted backwards and upside down nano
Phantom@tantalum-cs colab SensAble Phantom 1 ? Desktop model - auto calibrates nano
Phantom@modeling8-cs PIT (in GLAB) SensAble Phantom  1 ? nano