Files and databases: COMP 130, Spring 2002

News of the day:    Final exam           

                                                Saturday, May 4, 9:00am-noon in SN 014
                                Final grades will be reported to the Registrar's office
                                no later than 5:00pm on Tuesday, May 7.  At some
                                point after that, you'll be able to see your grade on
                                the University web site.  The department cannot give

Instructor: Stephen Weiss
EMail: weiss@cs.unc.edu
Office: 159 Sitterson Hall
Office hours: Monday and Friday 10-11am
Phone: 919-962-1888
Teaching assistants
Suzanne Vogel
    EMail: vogel@cs.unc.edu
    Office: 040 Sitterson Hall
    Office hours: Monday 3:20-5:20pm
    Phone: 919-962-1979
Richard Mukherjee
    EMail: mukherje@cs.unc.edu
    Office: 040 Sitterson Hall
    Office hours: Wednesday 3:15-5:15pm
    Phone: 919-962-1753



Class Location: Sitterson 014

Text Books
Fundamentals of Database Systems, third edition, Elmasri and Navathe
          You should have Microsoft Access on your CCI machine.  If you don't have access to Access, please
           see the instructor immediately.
          There are many Access tutorials on the web.  A useful reference from UNC starts at

Course Prerequisites:
COMP 120, 121, and MATH 81.    If in doubt, see the instructor right away.
Class Schedule
Day  Class Schedule 
Tue  9:30-10:45
Thu  9:30-10:45

Course links Tentative schedule (under construction)

   Java Textbook manuscript (if you need to learn Java)
   01-General information (MS Word)
   02-Honor code    Required reading!
   03-Assignment 1 (Search programs)
   03-Assignment 1 data
   08-Written assignment 2
   09-Written assignment 3
   11-Written assignment 4
   12-Written assignment 5 and more

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