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Disassembly and Inventory


  • Snapshots of work as it progresses (NOT YET)

Detailed Index

Body Delivery day,  Front, Rear, Doors, Side pods, Above rear firewall, Metal Trim, Tie Downs
Brakes  Brakes Lines   See also Hydraulics for brakeline routing through chassis.
Chassis Cockpit,   PedalsFrameFloor pan,  Engine bay sides,  Front bay sides, Instrument Panel and Beach IDGas TankBattery Box
Electrical Battery,   Brake LightsDistributor Cap and Spark Plug WiresFuel Pump,   Right Pod Switches (Ignition), Master SwitchHeadlamp&Taillight Plugs& switch, Instrument Panel and InstrumentsStarter Relay, Wiring through chassisInventory Photos
Engine Compartment AlternatorCarbs,  link to Electrical: Distributor and spark plug wiresEngineFuel Pump--NOTE Good views of water piping, Piece cut out, Master switch, Oil
Starter,   Throttle Linkage and Cable, Transmission & Shifter,  link to Water System
Fuel System (nothing there yet)
Hardware (Bagged) Mostly  nuts & bolts; some small parts
Hydraulics Master Cylinders   Brake lines    Clutch Lines
Shifter and Steering Shifter   Steering
Suspension Right Front      Left Front       Right Rear     Left Rear  Sway Bars  Trailing Arms
Water System Piping    Water pump   Radiator (see also chassis--Front)