Praneeth Chakravarthula
Praneeth Chakravarthula

Assistant Professor

UNC Chapel Hill

Email: cpk[at]


May. 2024 [ New ] Our paper won a Best Paper Award at OmniCV, CVPR 2024.  
Apr. 2024 [ New ] Paper on neural etendue expansion accepted to Nature Communications.  
Aug. 2023 Exciting paper on metalens imaging accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2023  
Mar. 2023 Honored to receive the IEEE VR Best Dissertation Award!  
Mar. 2023 One paper accepted to CVPR 2023  
Oct. 2022 Our paper on realtime NeRF won Best Paper Award at ISMAR 2022
June. 2022 Two SIGGRAPH papers won Best Paper Award and Honorable Mention
June. 2022 I will be presenting four journal papers at SIGGRAPH 2022  


I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UNC Chapel Hill. My research interests lie at the intersection of optics, perception, graphics, optimization, and machine learning. I am a Senior Member of Optica, recipient of IEEE VR Best Dissertation Award, Timothy L. Quigg Inventor of the Year at UNC, and several Best Paper and Demo Awards. I completed my postdoctoral research at Princeton University, obtained my PhD from UNC Chapel Hill, and my B.Tech and M.Tech degrees in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Signal Processing, all from IIT Madras. I have previously held research internship positions at Facebook Reality Labs, Microsoft Research Cambridge, NVIDIA Research and I was also a visiting researcher at the Fluid Interfaces Group of MIT Media Lab and CoSMIC lab of NUS,Singapore.

If you are interested in a PhD, postdoc, internship or a visiting position, please contact me with your resume.


Please see my Google scholar for a complete publication list.

(* equal contribution)

Beating bandwidth limits for large aperture broadband nano-optics

Johannes E Fröch*, Praneeth Chakravarthula*, Jipeng Sun, Ethan Tseng, Shane Colburn, Alan Zhan, Forrest Miller, Anna Wirth-Singh, Quentin AA Tanguy, Zheyi Han, Karl F Böhringer, Felix Heide, Arka Majumdar

Cross-Domain Synthetic-to-Real In-the-Wild Depth and Normal Estimation for 3D Scene Understanding

Jay Bhanushali, Manivannan Muniyandi, Praneeth Chakravarthula
[ Best Paper Award ] [ OmniCV, CVPR 2024 ]

Neural Etendue Expander for Ultra-Wide-Angle High-Fidelity Holographic Display

Ethan Tseng, Seung-Hwan Baek, Grace Kuo, Nathan Matsuda, Andrew Maimone, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Qiang Fu, Wolfgang Heidrich, Douglas Lanman, Felix Heide
[ Nature Communications 2024 ]

Point Spread Function-inspired Deformable Convolutional Network for Holographic Displays

Mi Zhou, Shuming Jiao, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Yang Yue, Ping Su, Ercan Engin Kuruoglu, Zihan Geng
[ SPIE 2024 ]

Thin On-Sensor Nanophotonic Array Cameras

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Jipeng Sun, Xiao Li, Chenyang Lei, Gene Chou, Mario Bijelic, Johannes Froesch, Arka Majumdar, Felix Heide
[ SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 ]

Seeing with Sound: Long-Range Acoustic Beamforming for Automotive Scene Understanding

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Jim Aldon D'Souza, Ethan Tseng, Joe Bartusek, Felix Heide
[ CVPR 2023 ]

Stochastic Light Field Holography

Florian Schiffers, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Nathan Matsuda, Grace Kuo, Ethan Tseng, Douglas Lanman, Felix Heide, Oliver Cossairt
[ ICCP 2023 ]

End-to-End Compression-Aware Computer-Generated Holography

Mi Zhou, Hao Zhang, Shuming Jiao, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Zihan Geng
[ Optics Express 2023 ]

Hexagonal Diffractive Optical Elements

Yidan Zheng, Qiang Fu, Hadi Amata, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Felix Heide, Wolfgang Heidrich
[ Optics Express 2023 ]

ChromaCorrect: Prescription Correction in Virtual Reality Headsets through Perceptual Guidance

Ahmet Guzel, Jeanne Beyazian, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kaan Aksit
[ Biomedical Optics Express 2023 ]

Visual perception of noise in a simulated holographic display – a user study

Andreas Georgiou, Joel Kollin, Charlie Hewitt, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Brian Guenter
[ Elsevier Displays 2022 ]

Pupil-aware Holography

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Seung-Hwan Baek, Florian Schiffers, Ethan Tseng, Grace Kuo, Andrew Maimone, Nathan Matsuda, Oliver Cossairt, Douglas Lanman, Felix Heide
[ Spotlight Poster ICCP 2022 ] [ SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 ]

FoV-NeRF: Foveated Neural Radiance Fields for Virtual Reality

Nianchen Deng, Zhenyi He, Jiannan Ye, Budmonde Duinkharjav, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Xubo Yang, Qi Sun
[ Best Paper Award ] [ IEEE TVCG 2022 ]

Neural 3D Gaze: 3D Pupil Localization and Gaze Tracking based on Anatomical Eye Model and Neural Refraction Correction

Conny Lu, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kaihao Liu, Xixiang Liu, Siyuan Li, Henry Fuchs
[ ISMAR 2022 ]

Image Features Influence Reaction Time: A Learned Probabilistic Perceptual Model for Saccade Latency

Budmonde Duinkharjav, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Rachel Albert, Anjul Patney, Qi Sun
[ Best Paper Award ] [ SIGGRAPH 2022 ]

Hogel-free Holography

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Ethan Tseng, Henry Fuchs, Felix Heide
[ SIGGRAPH 2022 ]

Joint Neural Phase Retrieval and Compression for Energy- and Computation-Efficient Holography on the Edge

Yujie Wang*, Praneeth Chakravarthula*, Qi Sun, Baoquan Chen
[ Best Paper Honorable Mention ] [ SIGGRAPH 2022 ]

Seeing Through Obstructions with Diffractive Cloaking

Zheng Shi, Yuval Bahat, Seung-Hwan Baek, Qiang Fu, Hadi Amata, Xiao Li, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Wolfgang Heidrich, Felix Heide
[ SIGGRAPH 2022 ]

Towards Everyday-use Augmented Reality Eyeglasses

Praneeth Chakravarthula
[ IEEE VR Best Dissertation Award ][ Ph.D. Dissertation, 2021 ]

Gaze-contingent Retinal Speckle Suppression for Perceptually-Matched Foveated Holographic Displays

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Zhan Zhang, Okan Tursun, Piotr Didyk, Qi Sun, Henry Fuchs
[ IEEE TVCG 2021 ]

Learned Hardware-in-the-loop Phase Retrieval for Holographic Near-Eye Displays

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Ethan Tseng, Tarun Srivastava, Henry Fuchs, Felix Heide
[ SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 ]

DeepCGH: 3D Computer-Generated Holography Using Deep Learning

M. Hossein Eybposh, Nicholas W. Caira, Mathew Atisa, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Nicolas C. Pégard
[ Best Paper Award ][ Optics Express 2020 ]

Improved vergence and accommodation via Purkinje Image tracking with multiple cameras for AR eyeglasses

Xinran Lu, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Yujie Tao, Steven Chen, Henry Fuchs
[ ISMAR 2020 ]

Towards Eyeglasses-style Holographic Near-eye Displays with Statically Expanded Eyebox

Xinxing Xia, Yunqing Guan, Andrei State, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Tat-Jen Cham, Henry Fuchs
[ ISMAR 2020 ]

Computing high-quality phase-only holograms for holographic displays

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Yifan Peng, Joel Kollin, Felix Heide, Henry Fuchs
[ Optical Design Award ][ SPIE Photonics West 2020 ]

Wirtinger Holography for Near-Eye Displays

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Yifan Peng, Joel Kollin, Henry Fuchs, Felix Heide
[ SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 ]

Towards a Switchable AR/VR Near-eye Display with Accommodation-Vergence and Eyeglass Prescription Support

Xinxing Xia, Yunqing Guan, Andrei State, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kishore Rathinavel, Tat-Jen Cham, Henry Fuchs
[ IEEE TVCG (presented at ISMAR 2019 ]

Manufacturing Application Driven Near-Eye Displays

Kaan Aksit, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kishore Rathinavel, Youngmo Jeong, Rachel Albert, Henry Fuchs, David Luebke
[ Best Paper Nominee ] [ IEEE TVCG (presented at IEEE VR 2019) ]

focusAR: Auto-focus Augmented Reality Eyeglasses for both Real World and Virtual Imagery

Praneeth Chakravarthula, David Dunn, Kaan Aksit, Henry Fuchs
[ Best Paper Award ] [ Talk ] [ IEEE TVCG (presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018, ISMAR 2018) ]

Steerable Application-Adaptive Near-Eye Displays

Kishore Rathinavel, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Kaan Aksit, Josef Spjut, Ben Boudaoud, Turner Whitted, David Luebke, Henry Fuchs
[ Best in Show Award ] [ SIGGRAPH 2018 Emerging Technologies ]

Mitigating vergence-accommodation conflict for near-eye displays via deformable beamsplitters

David Dunn, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Qian Dong, Henry Fuchs
[ Best Optical Design Award ] [ SPIE Digital Optics for Immersive Displays 2018 ]

Towards Varifocal Augmented Reality Displays using Deformable Beamsplitter Membranes

David Dunn, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Qian Dong, Kaan Aksit, Henry Fuchs
[ SID Display Week 2018 ]

Penetra3D: A penetrable, interactive, 360-degree viewable display

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Pattie Maes
[ IEEE 3DUI 2015 ]

Single access point based indoor localization technique for augmented reality gaming for children

Praneeth Chakravarthula, Ravi Poovaiah, Ajanta Sen, Priya Ganadas
[ IEEE TechSym 2014 ]