Switch Accessible Games

| tags: ideas, enabling technology

I got to meet Jake and his mom. We believe some interesting switch assessible games would be a great motivator for him to learn to use his devices. Ideas we came up with include:

  • Castle of the Winds a simple “adventure” game.
  • A basketball game with some simple physics. You set up your player, set the angle, how hard to throw the ball and then you get to see it shoot. 3D could be cool here but not mandatory.
  • “Scorched Earth” the old classic game where you aim your cannon and fire hoping to destroy the computer’s cannon before it gets you.
  • How about a bot for playing an online multiplayer shooter that allows Jake to exert control over what is happening but frees him from having to quickly aim and shoot? The robotics crowd calls this “supervisory control” and consider it for situations where the operator can’t control a remote robot in real time (for example on Mars). This could make a cool research project.
  • Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • Nibbles the classic “Snake” game where you steer a snake to “eat” while avoiding running into barriers or himself. Slow this down and it could be fun and help with learning to control the buttons.