Flight sim game ideas

| tags: blind, ideas, enabling technology

Flight simulator ideas with Shane and Matthew on 12 June 2006.

  • 2-D only for now
  • Forget cells, use coordinates instead, use a circular aperture for detection.
  • Beep sound works well for targets.
  • What sound for anti-aircraft station?
  • Probability of getting hit while over an anti-aircraft station?
  • Running out of fuel and/or bombs
  • Bomb sounds?
  • More points for hitting target than for hitting AAS.
  • Possible to hit multiple targets with same sound but perhaps one target at a time is easier
  • Have key to hear targets one at a time
  • Multiplayer version eventually
  • Announcements “you’ve been hit”, “you destoyed the base”, “you destroyed the AAS”, “targets are too far away”
  • Warning announcement when near AAS and possibly continuous sound