Project Ideas possibly using LSR

| tags: ideas, enabling technology

Ideas for ET projects.

  • Game pad as a kid’s input device for a simpler screen reader interface. Might also be useful for people with cognitive disabilities. Screen readers are notorious for their steep learning curve and inappropriateness for use by children.
  • Watch and learn scripts. Screen reader scripts could adapt automatically to save users from lots of navigation. If the user always reads his unread messages when his email program starts, the script might offer to do that each time the program starts or to always do it. Scripts for mobility impairments could adapt to shorten lengthy key sequences.
  • Semantic audio overview. Summarize the affordances of a window. Filter out all the crap that shows up in the accessible hierarchy and try to come up with something the user can quickly grok. Doesn’t need to be a perfect, natural language description. IA not AI.
  • Speech/audio skimming. Write a script that does it for text documents, web pages, etc.
  • Generalize the very simple touch free switch idea to include any gesture the user can make. Allow easy and quick training. Work with a cheap web cam.
  • Point and click accessibility. Allow non-specialists to specify mappings from user actions to GUI events in a natural and intuitive way. “When he does this, press this button”.