SerialKeys for OS X

| tags: motor impaired, enabling technology

This software is no long supported. Anyone is free to attempt to make it work with the new versions of OS/X.

SerialKeysX is an implementation of the SerialKeys protocol for Apple's OS X operating system . It allows control of the computer's keyboard and mouse over a serial connection from devices such as the EyeGaze and other augmented communication devices . You may download and use the software for free.


Maze Day 2008

| tags: blind, enabling technology

Maze Day is for visually impaired and blind students in grades K-12, their parents and teachers. Your students will enjoy fun and educational computer applications developed especially for them. UNC students will learn how well their accessible applications work with real users. And everyone will have a good time!


Using the Wiimote with PyGame

| tags: programming, enabling technology, wiimote

UPDATE: Tim Swast has updated this code to work with the new wiiuse API. I recommend his version which you can find here:

Several of my project teams this semester will (I hope) use PyGame and the Wiimote in their projects. I had it working fine on Ubuntu but struggled to find an interface that works with Python on Windows XP. Luke pointed me to wiiuse so I wrote a very simple wrapper with ctypes and then wrapped that in a module for PyGame. You can find the code in CVS at SourceForge in pywiiuse. I also uploaded a source release . You'll need wiiuse.dll on Windows or on Ubuntu.


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