Bus from Hillsborough to Chapel Hill

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See my updated post with the new schedule.

I've been riding the OPT/TTA bus (TTA route 420) from Hillsborough to Chapel Hill (and back) for about 20 months and I love it. The benefits include saving the environment, saving money on parking (more than $1000/year) and gas (about $1400/year), avoiding the bother of driving, and fellowship with a friendly community of people. The University kindly picks up the tab through the Commuter Alternatives Program . I'm blogging about it in hopes more people will learn about this poorly advertised service.


Editing remote files with emacs and tramp

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Our web pages are in AFS space, which would be great but AFS is a pain. The security policy requires me to login with a password in order to get a token in order to access an ACL protected directory. I decided to see if I could get the emacs package tramp to help me with this. Tramp will use scp to retrieve remote files and to write them on save. How can I get it work with AFS?


VMware sound on Feisty

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Lots of pages out there address problems people have getting sound to work with VMware running on Linux hosting Windows but none of those solutions did it for me. VMware Workstation 6 insists on using /dev/dsp which for some strange reason I didn't have. I noticed I had /dev/dsp1 through /dev/dsp5 but no plain /dev/dsp. A few minutes fooling with Audacity showed me where each of those played, and /dev/dsp3 seems to play through the speakers on my Audigy 2 so I knew that was the one I wanted it to use. I simply did: sudo ln -s /dev/dsp3 /dev/dsp and that seemed to do the trick.


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