An inexpensive tactile Braille display and keyboard with reciprocity

| tags: blind, enabling technology, ideas, literacy

I describe an idea for a simple and inexpensive tactile display and keyboard for Braille. The key simplification enabling this design is displaying Braille on six finger tips instead of as six tiny dots under one finger tip. The display is arranged in the same format as standard Braille embossers so users read and write in a reciprocal fashion. The display and keyboard might be useful for teaching Braille to blind children, as a communication system for deaf-blind people, and as a reading aid for blinded adults whose fingers are not sufficiently sensitive to read traditional Braille.



| tags: programming, enabling technology

Very interesting collection of posts on xpcom, mozilla, python, etc. over at BSBlog . I'd love to make the browser the platform for our applications for kids with disabilities. Sound is the key limitation. Should we do our own extension for sound?


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