Programming for kids?

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I want 10 year old game programmers working on games for kids with disabilities (and themselves). Given some tools, kids could write simple games that kids who have NO GAMES would enjoy. And maybe get drawn to CS at the same time.


Over one million books read at Tar Heel Reader!

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Today at about noon we passed 1,000,000 books read on Tar Heel Reader . I've embedded a video below showing how its use has spread over the 22 months since we began back in May 2008. If you have sound you should be able to hear a varying pitch indicating how many books were read each day. Listen for the pitch to go down during the summer and at Christmas.

We've got books in 12 languages on the site and they have been read in 133 countries. Our server has been accessed over 70.8 million times and has pushed about 1.1 terabytes of data onto the web.


Connecting a Dojo Data Grid to a JsonRestStore

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I looked high and low and couldn't find a working example of connecting a dojox.grid.DataGrid to a so I puzzled out parts of it myself. This code probably has errors and omissions but it seems to work for me with dojo 1.4.1.

I would appreciate any corrections or pointers to other examples from those of you who know better. I haven't included any error checking and the references to items by key break down after deletions because of the simple minded implementation of the "database".


Maze Day 2010

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Maze Day is for visually impaired and blind students in grades K-12, their parents and teachers. Your students will enjoy fun and educational computer applications developed especially for them. UNC students will learn how well their accessible applications work with real users. And everyone will have a good time!

We plan to have a wide variety of accessible fun, educational, and exercise activities including: (preliminary)


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