Zhen Wei

3rd-year Ph.D. Student at UNC-Chapel Hill
Email: zhenni [at] cs.unc.edu
Office: 201 S. Columbia St., Rm-368, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175
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I am currently a third-year Ph.D student in the 3D Vision lab of the Department of Computer science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My advisor is Prof. Jan-Michael Frahm. My research interests lie in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

I obtained my bachelor's degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016. I was in ACM Honored Class (a pilot computer science class in China) and did research in BCMI lab supervised by Prof. Hongtao Lu

I was very fortunate to have interned at Microsoft Reasearch Asia (Beijing, 2015) in Visual Computing Group under supervision of Dr. Jingdong Wang, SAIC Innovation Center (San Jose, 2017) in Autonomous Driving Group supervised by Dr. Jerry Yu and Amazon Robotics in CV/ML Group (Seattle, 2018).

Publications and Projects

Project: 3D Reconstruction with Semantic Labels using Drone Image Dataset

Project: CNN Model Visualization
Amazon Robotics
2018 Summer. Preparing for submitting a paper.

Towards Fully Mobile 3D Face, Body, and Environment Capture Using Only Head-worn Cameras
Young-Woon Cha*, True Price*, Zhen Wei, Xinran Lu, Nicholas Rewkowski, Rohan Chabra, Zihe Qin, Hyounghun Kim, Zhaoqi Su, Yebin Liu, Adrian Ilie, Andrei State, Zhenlin Xu, Jan-Michael Frahm, Henry Fuchs
IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR), 2018
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 2018
pdf video

Augmenting Crowd-Sourced 3D Reconstructions using Semantic Detections
True Price, Johannes Schönberger, Zhen Wei, Marc Pollefeys, Jan-Michael Frahm
CVPR, 2018
pdf supplementary video

Dynamic Visual Sequence Prediction with Motion Flow Networks
Dinghuang Ji, Zhen Wei, Enrique Dunn, Jan-Michael Frahm
WACV, 2018

Deeply-Fused Nets
Jingdong Wang, Zhen Wei, Ting Zhang, Wenjun Zeng

DisturbLabel: Regularizing CNN on the Loss Layer
Lingxi Xie, Jingdong Wang, Zhen Wei, Meng Wang and Qi Tian
CVPR, 2016
pdf poster slides project

Distance Preserving Marginal Hashing for image retrieval
Li Wu, Kang Zhao, Hongtao Lu, Zhen Wei, Baoliang Lu
IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2015