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CobWeb: Group Web Browsing with Dynamic Collaboration Protocols. Development of a collaborative Web browsing system that allows multiple individuals (a leader and followers) working on separate work in physically different locations to collaboratively browse the web. The novelty of CobWeb lies in its ability to dynamically load new collaboration protocols. Links: "Hyperdocuments as Automata"; "Model Checking CobWeb Protocols". (Stotts)

Distributed XP. Investigation into whether the productivity and quality gains XP brings to modest-sized projects can be sustained when development must be done across the net. (Stotts)

Collaboration Bus: Infrastructure for Supporting Interoperating Collaborative Systems. Research into composing new collaborative systems from existing single-user and collaborative systems. (Dewan)

Collaborative Software Engineering. Development of infrastructure and tools for supporting collaborative software engineering. (Dewan, Riedl)

Flexible Shared Windows. Research into ways to allow users to efficiently see different views of a shared window. (Dewan, Jeffay)

Formal Collaboration Protocols: First-Class Interaction Semantics for Distributed Collaborative Systems. Development of the formal structure necessary to reliably produce and maintain future collaborative systems that are far more complex than today's systems. (Stotts)

JavaObjectWeb. Development of a Java-based Web architecture that is better suited for long-term development than the existing Web architecture. Current work includes adding write access so that the Web can function more like a distributed object storage system, and adding link reliability so that as objects are moved from one location to another, links do not break. (F. D. Smith, J .B. Smith)

Merging in a Collaborative Environment. Research into merging different, distributed versions of a shared object to a common state. (Dewan)

Mobile Computing Technology. Investigation of the use of mobile devices to control arbitrary appliances. (Dewan)

OvalTine: Video Streams with First-class Hyperlinks A system for tracking objects in video streams so that hypermedia link anchors can be associated with the objects in the video frames. (Stotts)

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