Welcome to the Bluebird Online User Manual: Sound Clips

What is a sound clip?

A sound clip is the actual sound component that is played in the song. Sound clips are organized by instruments.

Adding a sound clip

Press the 'TAB' key to switch between the various instruments and controls until you come upon the instrument you wish to add. Press 'SPACE' to select that instrument. Then use the 'TAB' and 'SPACE' combination again to select a clip.

Moving between a sound clips

You can switch between the available clips within the current measure by using the up and down arrows.

Deleting a sound clip

To delete a sound clip, select the sound clip you wish to remove from your measure. Then press the 'ENTER' key to delete it. The clip will only be removed from the current measure.

Playing the selected sound clip

When a clip is selected, pressing 'J' will play it.