Welcome to the Bluebird Online User Manual: Help


We're sorry you're having trouble with Bluebird. We hope this page will provide you with the assistance you are searching for.


You can navigate around Bluebird using either the mouse or the keyboard. Pressing the 'TAB' key on the keyboard will move between all available buttons. You will hear an audio cue upon reaching each button, stating what that button does.

After you have selected the button you wish to press, pressing the 'SPACE' bar will click the button. This could possibly open a new window with more buttons to choose from. You will hear audio cues, and you can navigate through this window just as before.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Left Arrow - Shifts left a measure
Right Arrow - Shifts right a measure
Up Arrow - Shifts up a clip
Down Arrow - Shifts down a clip
Enter - Deletes the current highlighted clip
J - Plays the current highlighted clip
Escape - Stops any cues from playing
H - HELP, plays instructions for shortcut keys
S - Stops and Starts Play
I - Reads the instructions
Q - Quits
D - Deletes the current measure
TAB - select instruments
C - Play current measure


Q. Can we add our own sound clips?
A. Not at this time, however we do intend on implementing this in the next version.

Q. Where do we report bugs?
A. We are aware of all bugs.

Q. Why the name Bluebird?
A. Bluebirds sing pretty songs.

Q. Can I save my song?
A. Alas, not currently, but we plan on implementing this feature in a future release.