Welcome to the Bluebird Online User Manual: Measures

What is a measure?

Measures are what contain your sound clips. The measures are ordered in a sequence. The song, when played, starts with the first measure and plays the clips that are contained within that measure. Then the song proceeds to the next measure, and so forth until the end of the song is reached.

Moving between measures

To move between measures, use the left and right arrow keys. Extra measures will be automatically added when you reach the end of your song.

Deleting measures

Select the measure you would like to delete, either with the mouse or with the arrow keys. Once on the desired measure, press 'D' or the 'Delete Measure' button to delete it.

Playing a single measure

You can listen to the measure that is currently selected. To do that, press the 'C' key, or press the 'Play Measure' button.