Talking Word Processor

| tags: ideas, enabling technology

Talking with Karen and Gretchen they suggested a talking word processor with the following features.

  1. Runs in the browser
  2. Allows switch, keyboard, and Braille input
  3. Provides customizable feedback on each input with speech, sounds, and pictures. For example on G it might suggest Gretchen as the child's intention or on the first letter of their name might suggest their name.
  4. Has a web-based back end that allows customization if the responses.
  5. Reads words or groups of letters on space or other customizable event.
  6. Models for a teacher/parent the kind of responses that might be appropriate.
  7. Possibly include a 20 questions sort of after writing interview aid (or is that a separate tool).
  8. Record what the kid writes and allow it to be published as print, email, web, etc.
  9. Record data.

Possibly build on the ideas from WebTyper. Maybe Flash would be an appropriate for implementation.