Feisty forgets my Search Domains

| tags: ubuntu

When I type ssh gb-cs I mean ssh gb-cs.cs.unc.edu but I couldn't get that to work consistently at home. I'd add it to the Search Domains section of the DNS tab in the Network Settings dialog but next time I hibernated or rebooted, it would be gone. This tip suggested adding a package and then making a simple change:

Using Synaptics Package Manager I got resolvconf. Then, sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces and I added dns-search cs.unc.edu after the iface line for the wireless interface.

This did not work for me. So I investigated the first proposed solution at the above page, but the file head he refers to has a comment in it that says don't edit this file by hand so I decided that was a bad idea. The file tail in that same folder was empty and didn't say that, so I edited it and added search cs.unc.edu. That seems to survive a reboot.