My Logitech web-cam is faster on Feisty than on XP!

| tags: ubuntu

I was surprised and pleased to see that CVtypes, our python ctypes wrapper for OpenCV, actually worked with my Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 right out of the box. Later when I started to seriously try it out I was disturbed to see I was only getting 10 frames per second. I tried setting the frame rate with the interface provided by highgui but that fails for the frame rate. Anyone know why? Then I discovered setpwc a command-line utility for viewing and setting parameters on cameras that use Phillips chips. It revealed my camera was set for 10 fps. It was easy to change the setting to 30Hz at 320x240 and now my OpenCV apps run at 30Hz. I was never able to go above 15Hz on Windows XP. This is great.

I used the command setpwc -f 30