Too many bugs in Gutsy, back to Feisty

| tags: ubuntu

I had tons of problems with Gutsy on my computer at work. Feisty worked great so I expected Gutsy to be even better.

First I upgraded. That resulted in a system that worked but that had annoying bugs. For one, the Gnome tray apps would sometimes fail to start and I'd get a stack of notification dialogs on my desktop, all of which I had to dismiss before I could continue. Sound would quit working for no apparent reason. I wrote all this off to having upgraded so I decided to do a clean install.

I wiped the disk and did a clean install. Then the graphics problems started. I've got an older nVidia board with dual video outputs. On reboot I'd get complaints that it couldn't detect my graphics hardware and wanted to start in low-graphics mode. After making the adjustments, it would appear to forget them on the next reboot. Then I found that gnome-terminal wouldn't start. It complained about an X11 error that might have something to do with dual screens.

So, I restored by backup of my previous feisty install on another partition and after a bit of fooling with grub and the uuid's in my fstab, I'm running feisty again.

I think I'll let gutsy simmer for a while before I try again. At least with my new disk organization it will be easy to switch back and forth between releases.