SerialKeys for OS X

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This software is no long supported. Anyone is free to attempt to make it work with the new versions of OS/X.

SerialKeysX is an implementation of the SerialKeys protocol for Apple's OS X operating system. It allows control of the computer's keyboard and mouse over a serial connection from devices such as the EyeGaze and other augmented communication devices. You may download and use the software for free.

Note that SerialKeysX has been tested with OS X 10.5. We believe it should also work with OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Please let us know if it works for you with some other configuration. We also believe we can build a version that works on OS X 10.3, let us know if you need it.

To use SerialKeysX you will need both a serial adapter and the SerialKeysX software. We have successfully used the software with the following adapters:


  • Install the serial adapter and driver software.
    1. Make sure the serial adapter is not connected to your computer.
    2. Follow the adapter instructions and install their driver software.
    3. Connect the serial adapter to your computer.

  • Connect your AAC device to the serial adapter.
  • Install and configure SerialKeysX
    1. Drag the application file (SerialKeysX) from the install disk to the Applications folder.
    2. Launch (double-click) the SerialKeysX application from the Applications folder.
    3. Choose “Preferences…” from the SerialKeysX menu.
    4. Select the appropriate Baud Rate and choose your serial adapter in the Serial Port pop-up. See below for an example.
    5. Choose “Running” from the Control menu. If there were no error messages, examine the Control menu again, and “Running” should be checked.

  • Test your AAC device.

SerialKeysX Preferences Dialog


Free for non-commercial use. All software and resources copyright University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2006-2008.


Updated 6 Feb 2008 to version 1.4

Universal Binary for OS X 10.4 or higher.

If you need a version for OS X 10.3 let us know.

Recent Changes

  • Dragging bug fixed
  • Double-click bug fixed
  • Delete bug fixed
  • Right shift is now mapped to the Apple Command key as a dirty hack way to get access to it using EyeGaze
  • Bad interaction with edges of the screen fixed.