CalcuType: Switch-enabled typing with integrated mathematics

| tags: motor impaired, enabling technology, literacy

This is a follow up to my post about Accessible Math Ideas from over a year ago. I finally got a smart high school student, William Condon from the NC School of Science and Math, to implement word prediction with built-in math.

Check out CalcuType online and let us know what you think.

You can type using the virtual keyboard, the standard keyboard, or a mouse. The "mover" and "chooser" keys are adjustable and William included a 3rd "completer" key for quick access to completions. However you're typing the program will suggest completions much like many other available tools. The key difference is when you type a mathematical expression it will suggest the answer as a completion. So if you type (3+5)*2 it will suggest =16. It handles complicated mathematical expressions including square root and trig functions.

One other neat feature William implemented is the ability to write on a worksheet represented as an HTML form.

It still needs work but we're at the stage where we need feedback from users who need such a tool.