Daft Punk for fun and education

| tags: blind, enabling technology, motor impaired, ideas, literacy

I saw iDaft today and think it rocks! You play the samples by typing the corresponding keys on your keyboard. Not surprising technically, its just Flash. But it makes me think about combining fun, music, and literacy. What could we do with music and samples like this to make fun and even educational games for kids with disabilities?

How about putting the samples on the 16 pads you get with 2 DDR pads? Then we could have a game that was something like Guitar Hero where you put the samples in the right places. DJ Hero? Or maybe DJ Revolution? I think our blind visitors would have a ton of fun on Maze Day trying to "sing" along with Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by stepping on the DDR pads. Think Daft Hands or Daft Bodies on the DDR pad.

Or how about making an AAC device more fun by changing the pitch of the voice like this? Or somehow linking a "word wall" to music so when you put words together in appropriate ways they go with the music?

Suppose you could provide a list of words or word combinations to a web site and it would automagically assign them musical pitches like this. What cool games could we make where students play with words while making music? How could we integrate reading into it? Perhaps the "score" (the words to be spoken) is presented something like the Guitar Hero notes so you have to at least recognize the words to know which to play.

How do we make such a game switch accessible?

I'm thinking out loud here. Help me out folks, some of you have to be more musical and creative than I am. Post a comment.