Project Ideas for Wiimote Enabled Firefox

| tags: enabling technology, ideas, wiimote

I'm thinking of things we can do with the nearly ready Wiimote (and Balance Board) capability in our Outfox extension. We can use the accelerometers, IR camera, buttons, and rumble. I'm going to list game/activity ideas so I can recruit some help.

  1. Duck Hunt: use the Wiimote as the gun.
  2. Spelling of the Dead: Spell the word by blasting zombies that are labelled with letters.
  3. Use the D-pad in Pete's Space! game
  4. Fly Swat: Kill a fly that you can hear and see.
  5. Read Along: Shake the wiimote on each word as you read along silently. Maybe shake it harder on the key words. Shows that the user is reading.
  6. Johnny Chung Lee style head or hand tracker for cursor control or on-screen keyboard.
  7. Make a character (car, pony, model, etc.) on the screen move by moving the wiimote to encourage a child doing physical therapy.
  8. Round up animals in sound and/or visuals by leaning on a rocking horse or exercise ball like Rockin' SafaWii.