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Using the Wiimote with PyGame

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UPDATE: Tim Swast has updated this code to work with the new wiiuse API. I recommend his version which you can find here:

Several of my project teams this semester will (I hope) use PyGame and the Wiimote in their projects. I had it working fine on Ubuntu but struggled to find an interface that works with Python on Windows XP. Luke pointed me to wiiuse so I wrote a very simple wrapper with ctypes and then wrapped that in a module for PyGame. You can find the code in CVS at SourceForge in pywiiuse. I also uploaded a source release . You'll need wiiuse.dll on Windows or on Ubuntu.


Wiimote Latency

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I'm just beginning to play with the Wiimote as an input device for accessible games so I tried shaking it in time with some music using a little program I already had in place. The accelerometer data seemed very delayed so I decided to check out its latency. My initial experiments described below indicate that it is very low.