Parasara Sridhar Duggirala

About me [CV]

I am an Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Department of Computer Science. I have recently moved from University of Connecticut in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.  My research is at the intersection of Cyber-Physical Systems, Formal Methods, Autonomy, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, and Control Theory.

I am looking for bright and motivated graduate and undergraduate students. Send me an e-mail with your CV if you are interested.

I am currently working on developing frameworks for integrating safe autonomy into Cyber-Physical Systems. In my lab, we build, maintain, and prove the safety of autonomous CPS.

In the recent past, I have contributed to developing scalable techniques for safety verification of linear hybrid systems. This technique (available here) requires a mere n+1 simulations for computing the reachable set of n dimensional linear system. We have also implemented new constraint propagation techniques and dynamic aggregation techniques for verification of linear hybrid systems (available here and here). This work has won the Best Paper Award at ARCH Workshop, 2017.

My PhD thesis was about "Dynamic Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems". I have developed C2E2, a tool that combines the scalability of simulations with the correctness guarantees of formal verification and applied it to analyze ALAS, an alerting system for a parallel aircraft landing protocol developed by NASA (details) and powertrain control systems in automobiles (details).

In the past, I have worked on Probabilistic Systems, Automatic Test Input Generation, and Decision Procedures.


  • [[July 2018]] Manish presents his first paper at ADHS 2018.

  • [[June 2018]] Joint work with Donald Sheehy titled "When Can We Treat Trajectories as Points?" has been accepted to CCCG 2018. We demonstrated a method to embed trajectories of dynamical system into euclidean space.

  • [[April 2018]] RacingHuskies participated in F1Tenth Competition at CPS Week 2018 and we placed 2nd in the competition. Congratulations to Abol, Reynaldo, and Manish and especially to Nandan who traveled to Porto and did a great job!

  • [[March 2018]] Work with my student Manish Goyal titled "On Generating a Variety of Unsafe Counterexamples for Linear Dynamical Systems" has been accepted to ADHS 2018. We managed to define new notations of deepest and longest counterexamples and developed techniques to extract them.

  • [[April 2017]] Joint work with Stanley Bak titled "Simulation-Equivalent Reachability of Large Linear Hybrid Systems with Inputs" has been accepted to CAV 2017. We improved the scalability of verification by two orders of magnitude and verified a 10,000 dimensional system. For details, check out the paper here.

  • [[April 2017]] Presented a paper titled "Rigorous Simulation-Based Analysis for Linear Hybrid Systems" at TACAS 2017. The techniques presented in the paper have been implemented in our tool called HyLAA.

  • [[April 2017]] Stanley Bak presented our tool paper: "HyLAA: A Tool For Simulation-Equivalent Reachability for Linear Systems" at HSCC 2017. The paper has earned the repeatability evaluation badge. Feel free to download the tool HyLAA.

  • [[April 2017]] Joint work with Stanley Bak won the Best Paper Award sponsored by Robert Bosch at ARCH Workshop, 2017.

  • [[July 2016]] Chuchu Fan presented our paper "Automatic Reachability Analysis for Nonlinear Hybrid Models with C2E2" at CAV 2016. Feel free to try our tool C2E2 for verifying nonlinear hybrid systems such as lane changing systems and C-Elegans biological systems.

  • [[July 2016]] Presented a paper titled "Parsimonious, Simulation Based Verification Of Linear Systems" at CAV 2016. Check out the new algorithm which verifies an n-dimensional linear system using a mere n+1 simulations here.

  • [[December 2015]] Presented a paper titled "Analyzing Real-Time Linear Control Systems Using Software Verification" at RTSS 2015. Find out about our new technique to verify linear control systems in presence of real time scheduler here.

  • [[August 2015]] I joined University of Connecticut CSE Department (UConnCSE).

  • [[April 2015]] Join work with Chuchu Fan, Sayan Mitra, and Mahesh Viswanathan won the Most Promising Benchmark Result sponsored by Robert Bosch at ARCH Workshop, conducted as part of CPS Week 2015.


I was at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign for my graduate studies. My PhD thesis was supervised by Prof. Mahesh Viswanathan and Prof. Sayan Mitra. I obtained my B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. I was an intern at SRI International in the Computer Science Laboratory in Summer 2012 and at NEC Labs America in the System Analysis and Verification Group in Summer 2011, and at Verimag in the Timed and Hybrid Systems Group under the supervision of Dr. Oded Maler in Summer 2008.



Ph: 919-590-6116

201. S. Columbia St.
Room 362
Chapel Hill, NC.