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తెలుగు సాహిత్యం (Telugu Literature)

Telugu is one of the prominent Dravidian languages that is spoken by more than 70 million people in South India. It is also referred as "Italian of the east" because every word (well, almost every word) ends with a vowel. Some links about Telugu that I find useful.

Basics, Reading, and Writing in Telugu.

  • Telugu: Wikipedia entry for Telugu language.
  • Telugu Wikipedia: Wikipedia in Telugu language.
  • A link for Telugu Unicode where you can with "enough" effort write in Telugu by purely using the unicode.
  • Lekhini: a website where you can write in English and get the "transliteration" in Telugu.
  • Google also has a good transliteration tool for Telugu that primarily uses statistical machine learning. Most of the times, Google's transliterator does a good job, but at times, is imprecise. Configure your gmail to have Telugu by following instructions given here.
  • I have created an Overleaf template that makes it easier to write Telugu using LaTeX while using various Open Source Fonts for Telugu. Several people have found this useful. The template is here.

Telugu - Books, Magazines, and Multimedia.

Music, Books, and Chess.

Carnatic Music

Some useful links


Developed interest in Jazz and Harmonica only recently. Feel free to send me your suggestions.


I follow Gotham Chess and Chessbase India.


Whenever I get time, I am interested to read books on History, Culture, Science, Entertainment, and Policy.

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