Parasara Sridhar Duggirala

Apart from research

I occasionally follow WIRED, TechCrunch, Slashdot,, for tech news. I strongly believe in science education and occasionally read papers from disciplines other than Computer science, primarily from Biology, Mathematics, and Economics.

I am an admirer and have read several works of Swami Vivekananda. I love Telugu Literature (తెలుగు సాహిత్యం) and I enjoy reading works of SriSri and Mullapudi Venkataramana. I am also interested in theater and I was an active member of Mithya, an Indian Dramatics Society at UIUC.

తెలుగు సాహిత్యం  (Telugu literature)

Telugu is one of the prominent Dravidian languages that is spoken by more than 70 million people in South India. It is also referred as "Italian of the east" because every word (well, almost every word) ends with a vowel. Some links about Telugu that I find useful.

Telugu: Wikipedia entry for Telugu language.
Telugu Wikipedia: Wikipedia in Telugu language.

A link for Telugu Unicode where you can with "enough" effort write in Telugu by purely using the unicode.

Lekhini: a website where you can write in English and get the "transliteration" in Telugu. Google also has a good transliteration tool for Telugu that primarily uses statistical machine learning. Most of the times, Google's transliterator does a good job, but at times, is imprecise. Configure your gmail to have Telugu by following instructions given here.

A brief introduction to the vast amount of తెలుగు సాహిత్యం (Telugu literature) is here. Two notable works in modern times are విశ్వంభర  (Visvambara) by C. Narayana Reddy and పాకుడు రాళ్లు (Paakudu Raallu) by Ravuri Bharadwaja. Both these works won the Jnanapith Award. మహాప్రస్థానం (Maha Prasthanam) by Sri Sri is my personal favorite. I needed occasional access to తెలుగు నిఘంటువు (Telugu dictionary) to read some of the interesting works. Andhra Bharati has the best online telugu dictionary (that I know of). Another standard dictionary that I use is C. P. Brown dictionary.

iPad apps for learning Telugu - Balasiksha, TeluguSlate, Telugu Sahithyamu.

Some interesting websites for Telugu readers:
Kinige - website to buy Telugu e-books. - Articles about literature. - A Telugu periodical hosted by Houston Sahiti Lokam (youtube link).


I was an active member of Mithya, an Indian dramatics society at University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. I am also learning(?) Carnatic Music and listen to songs on SangeethaPriya. I recently picked up juggling.


My current reading list.


  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
  • The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins


  • అమరావతి  కథలు - శంకరమంచి సత్యం (Amaravati Kathalu by Sankaramanchi Satyam)
  • బారిష్టరు పార్వతీశం - మొక్కపాటి నరసింహ శాస్త్రి (Barrister Parvateesam by Mokkapati Narasimha Sastry)
  • సాగర  ఘొశ - గరికిపాటి నరసింహా రావు (Sagara Ghosha by Garikipati Narasimha Rao)


A world record that I find amusing and fascinating.

Mozilla - do not track.

Being drunk helps for creativity? (take it with a pinch of salt)

An “How I fixed my girlfriends’ grandparents’ router”