Parasara Sridhar Duggirala (పరాశర శ్రీధర్ దుగ్గిరాల)

I am recruiting motivated graduate and undergraduate students to join my research group. Send me an e-mail with your CV if you are interested.

PhD Students

Current Students

  1. Abolfazl (Abel) Karimi
    Thesis: On Validation of Autonomous Vehicles Behaviors.
  2. Meghan Stuart
    Thesis: Robustness Verification of Deep Learning Models with Applications in Biomedical Image Segmentation.


  1. Manish Goyal - Summer 2022
    Thesis: Behavioral validation in Cyber-physical systems: Safety violations and beyond.
    First job : Hardware verification engineer at Apple.
  2. Bineet Ghosh - Summer 2023
    Thesis: Design and Verification of Autonomous Systems in Presence of Uncertainties
    First job : Assistant Professor at University of Alabama.

Masters Students

  1. Qilin Jin (BS-MS Student) - Summer 2020.
    Thesis: Improved Stereo Vision for Autonomous Vehicles.
  2. Edward Kim - Summer 2022.
    Thesis: Automatic Dynamic Parallelotope Bundles for Reachability of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.

Undergraduate Students

At University of Connecticut

  1. Elizabet Pellieter - Honors Course Project in Fall 2015.
    Project: Modeling Distributed Computing Machines in Maude.
  2. Renukanandan Tumu - Upto Fall 2018.
    Project: Autonomous Racing Algorithms on Miniature Vehicles.
    Second Position in F1Tenth Racing at CPS Week 2018.
    Graduate student at University of Pennsylvania. NSF GRFP Winner.
  3. Jonathan Homburg - Spring 2018.
    Honors Thesis: Incremental Minimization of Symbolic Automata.
    Published a paper at VSTTE 2019.
  4. Mengying Yu - Honors Project in Fall 2018.
    Project: Applying Machine Learning on Real world Data-Sets.

At University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  1. Charlotte Dorn - Spring 2020.
    Project: Building and Operating Swarms of Miniature Autonomous Vehicles.
    Winner of ACM SIGBED Fellowship to attend CPSWeek or ESWeek.
  2. Michael Alcorn - Fall 2020.
    Project: Algorithms for Autonomous Racing.
  3. Kipp Williams - Spring 2021.
    Project: Predicting for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.
  4. Han Gao - Fall 2021.
    Project: CPS Challenge: Algorithms for Drone Racing.
    Second Position in GRAIC, an autonomous Racing Competition conducted as a part of CPS Week 2021.
  5. Pranav Kallem - Spring 2023.
    Project: Autonomous Racing on F1Tenth Vehicles.
    Morehead-Cain Fellowship Finalist.
  6. Anoush Mudaliar - Fall 2023.
    Project: Reactive Algorithms for Autonomous Racing.

High School Students - Research Mentoring for NCSSM.

  1. Gabriel Hart - Spring 2021 - Study of Planning Algorithms for Autonomous Robots.
  2. Kendal Wen - Spring 2022 - Handwriting Recognition using Machine Learning.
  3. Pracheeti Sikharkhane - Spring 2022 - Perception Algorithms for Autonomous Cars.


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