BATS 4.0

We are no longer working on BATS. The source code is availabe to anyone who would like to use it but the executables have been removed.

NOTICE: The current version WILL work on Windows 95 or 98. If you have Win95 please make sure that you upgrade your DirectX to 8.0 version. You can do so by downloading and running this DirectX installer.

Please note that this release is an early version of the software, and that we are still working to implement many aspects of the software. For a partial list of planned and implemented features, see the Features page. A list of known problems with BATS is also included on that page.

Your feedback about our software is invaluable. We need to know what you think about BATS, including your likes and dislikes, so we know how to improve our work. Please, send your questions, comments, and problems to the BATS users mailing list at We need your help!

To get started using BATS, follow these directions:

  • Download the software from the link listed after these instructions.
  • Stay connected to the Internet! BATS may need to download additional components while it is installing.
  • Run the installer.
  • After the installation is complete, view the README file listed in the Start Menu for help on running and using the software.
  • Run the BATS or Map Maker software from your Start Menu.

Example Maps

In the future, we hope to start a community map repository on our website. Visitors will be able to upload their own maps to share with other BATS users, and download any maps in the repository. We hope this system will allow teachers and students to offer and receive maps related to their curriculum and interests.

Right now, three example maps are included in the BATS download. User created maps should be placed in the Maps subfolder of the BATS directory.

Source Code

All of the BATS source code, both for the demos and for the full version, is available for immediate download under the Academic Free License. Please visit our SourceForge page to obtain the source code.

Old Downloads

North Carolina Demo

The North Carolina demo gave examples of some of the features of the full version of BATS. We recommend downloading the latest version of BATS. However, we still offer the demo for download. It can be downloaded by following this link.


These interviews with members of the UNC-CH community, including members of the BATS team, discuss the history and future of the BATS project. They were recorded in 2002, so they are getting out-of-date.