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A new version of BATS has been released. Please download BATS 4.0 from the Downloads page.

A new version of BATS has been released. Please download BATS 3.0 from the Downloads page.

A new version of BATS has been released, just a few days after the last release of BATS 2.0. We found some problems with our installer, which are now fixed. Please download BATS 2.01 from the Downloads page.

The next version of BATS will be released in the next few days. In addition to several bug fixes, many new features, such as user profiles, have been implemented in this version. For a full listing, view some of the Features in this release.

Skip links have been added to all pages on this site to assist users with screen readers. The first link on every page named "Skip to content" will make a screen reader skip the common navigation links on each page, and begin reading the main page content.

The first full version of BATS has been released! Visit the Downloads section to get the software, view some of the Features in this release, or read about our Current Work on the BATS project.

Please send your comments and questions to the BATS mailing list at We deparately need feedback about how our software works (or doesn't work) for you!

The BATS website is being updated to prepare for the first release of BATS. Information about the full version of BATS and its companion Map Maker software will be posted here within the next few days. We expect to release both BATS 1.0 and Map Maker 1.0 within the early days of July. Check back often!

The BATS group had a paper accepted for the ACMSE Conference. The conference will take place in Savannah, Georgia on March 7-8, 2003.

BATS was recently shown at the 2002 National Council for the Social Studies Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The MapQuest booth graciously hosted the demo, and allowed us to introduce the system to teachers and social studies textbook publishers. We received excellent feedback from all those who tried the system.

A new version of the North Carolina demo is now available for download. The new demo offers a number of improvements over the original, including:

  • Higher quality visual map
  • Additional regions of interest
  • Extensive map data
  • Real-time spatial sound
  • Support for multiple input devices, including joysticks

A BATS mailing list was created.

The North Carolina demo is now available for download in Downloads section. The BATS team is currently working on an improved version of this demo which will be posted for download in the near future.

We have recently updated our website to better organize the available materials. We hope that the text-only version gives users with older browsers better access to our site.

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